MOTORINO™ XP is built on a motorcycle frame. The 2.5" wide wheels and the low position of the battery make it very stable in any weather condition. It has tangential hydraulic front suspension which adsorbs any vertical and horizontal vibrations and makes the ride very smooth and comfortable. It does not only have the size but the power also for two persons. Can be upgraded to handle up to 30 degrees hills. It is equipped with a rear wheel lock and a handle bar locking system. All this coupled with its 160Lb weight and the remote alarm makes it save to park on the street.


Dimensions & Weight

  • without battery: 35kg
  • with basic battery: 51kg
  • with dual battery: 63kg
  • Loading capacity: 100kg
  • Gross weight 80kg
  • Carton dimensions: 169 x 39 x 109cm

Power System

  • 500W 48V brushless motor
  • regenerative motor
  • Motor Controller: CPU with turbo and energy safe mode
  • 48V 12 AH battery
  • second battery optional
  • Battery capacity: 480Wh + 336Wh for second battery
  • Battery protection: Low voltage cut off protection
  • BMWC (battery maintenance while charging,
    input AC 100 - 240V, output DC 48V
  • Charging: on board parallel or off board charging (parallel charging cable provided)
  • Charging time: 3-5hrs with single and 4-8hrs with double battery with standard charger(fast charging optional)
  • Loading capacity: 180kg
  • Circuit protection: high current roll back,
    brake cut off switch and fuse

Tires & Wheels

  • 16", 2.5" wide spoke wheels


  • front and rear drum
  • rear regenerative
  • Electric Adsorbing Brake System (EABS)

Standard Features

  • Lights: Head, tail, directions, brake - 12V bulbs
  • Pedals: Clip type
  • Seat : Double seat 82cm above ground
  • Rain cover
  • Rain Cape
  • Helmet
  • Built in lock in rear hub and handle bar locking system
  • Storage: under the seat and back box trunk
  • Optional accessories: cable lock with integrated alarm, motorcycle remote alarm

Body & Chassis

  • Colors: burgundy, navy blue, silver, pink
  • Frame:  Motorcycle high tensile steel frame
  • Tangential front suspension, 2 shock absorbers per wheel

Tires & Wheels

  • 16", 2.5" wide spoke wheels


  • 40-50 km with single battery
  • 70-80 with dual battery
  • 25/32 km/hr on flat for safe and turbo mode
  • Climbing ability: 15 degrees
  • Torque: 32 Newton Meters (NM) = 23.6 pound foot