The MOTORINO brand of electric scooters is the culmination of continuous product development and user experience and offers stylish, practical, and economical transportation in a wide range of body styles, sizes, and colors to suit any rider. With over 12 years of constant improvement, Motorino Electric Scooters have evolved into a very reliable means of transportation.

Because they are classed as motor assisted cycles, there’s no driver’s license, registration, or insurance required and you can park them almost anywhere you can park a regular bicycle.


Almost all electric scooters and bicycles, including MOTORINO are manufactured at least partly in China. Hundreds of factories produce millions of E-bikes to satisfy massive domestic demand; but not all factories, and not all E-bikes, are created equal.

Only a small fraction (3-4%) of these factories are internationally insured and certified to build road-worthy motor vehicles for export. These factories are registered with WMI and maintain ISO 9001-2008 standards of quality and consistency. The rest are unlicensed factories which build bicycles and E-bikes primarily to satisfy domestic Chinese demand.

Unlike most purveyors of electric bikes who simply browse Asian markets for off-the-shelf models and components (and are seemingly content with lackluster products), Greenwit Technologies proactively develops innovative electrical & mechanical parts and specifies high-quality materials and processes in order to achieve top-tier performance and reliability. As a result, all current MOTORINO™ models have been either partially or completely developed by Greenwit Technologies.


A shining example of our dedication to EV research and development is our revolutionary CCT drive system designed to extract a maximum torque from the federal limitation of 500W nominal power of all electric cycles under the bicycle category. We managed to achieve a peak power providing acceleration and climbing torque on our scooter type MOTORINO™ bicycles comparable to gas scooters while the power rolls back to under the restricted limit of 500W on flat terrain preserving the batteries.

As of April 2015 our CCT controllers were upgraded to Sine-Wave Controllers. The advantages of the pure Sine-Wave electric drive trains are that they are more efficient. Now the energy losses with this controller are much lower which results in less heat generation. The power consumption is less which will result in a longer range without sacrificing the torque. They are absolutely quiet and the acceleration is much smoother without hearing a buzzing noise. The power draw gradually increases compare to immediate high draw with the square wave controllers. The high efficiency of the CCT regenerative braking is now even higher with the sine-wave controller and regenerative brake is smooth and quiet avoiding the immediate high current rush of the square wave controllers. This contributes not only for much safer braking on a wet road but it is also very beneficial for the battery regeneration, especially for the Lithium batteries. It is much more forgiving for the battery BMS and improves the regeneration efficiency.


Our scooters are assembled by certified motorcycle manufacturers. Therefore our frames are certified by the SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) and made with carbon steel, used in the automotive industry. The welding work is tested under dynamic pressure. The body is made from heavy duty motorcycle grade composite ABS material, painted with UV resistant paint and coated with an epoxy scratch resistant clear coat. All switches, connectors, harness, light sockets, brakes, tires, lights, cables, etc. are DOT approved, and manufactured by motorcycle component factories.

All of our MOTORINO™ XP and XM models have a very powerful and efficient CCT regenerative magnetic brake which makes mechanical brakes redundant under normal braking conditions. It is a standard for all our scooters to be equipped with hydraulic front and rear DOT automotive disk brakes with ABS (Anti-lock Braking System). All MOTORINO™ XP/XM models are equipped with heavy duty front hydraulic suspension and adjustable rear suspension. All XP and XM models have 3.5” and 4.0” wide DOT approved motorcycle tubeless tires. All Motorino scooters are equipped with DOT approved halogen high/low beam headlights, taillights, brake lights, signal lights, horn and reflectors. 


Of course, a superior product is still only one part of the value equation…especially when it comes to a major long-term investment such as an electric vehicle. That is why every new MOTORINO™ is backed by the best warranty in the business. As of 2015 with the introduction of our CCT Sine-Wave drive system Motorino extends its electric drive train warranty to five years. And because a warranty is only as good as the issuer’s ability to honor it, MOTORINO™ maintains the largest spare parts inventory and dealer service network in Canada. Since there is no standard in North America for maintaining and servicing LEV, we have adopted our own MOTORINO™ service standard according which we train and certify our dealer’s mechanics. Our corporative workshop is not only equipped with professional diagnostic, testing and service equipment but we also provide such equipment to our dealers and teach them how to use it. At MOTORINO we provide professional technical service on the phone for our customers and dealers. All models have detailed user’s manuals. Repair manuals are available for all Motorino dealers.


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