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The Motorino XMr gives you all of the fun from riding a motorcycle – only better.

You get the utility of a scooter with the modern styling and more enjoyable handling capabilities of a motorcycle.

Motorino XMr looks fast, even when standing still, and has the handling to match its sporting appearance.

Even if you’ve never been on a scooter, once you sit on a XMr, you will feel confident enough to take off right away.

Despite its heavier 72V battery pack, this bike is easy to handle because of its low and upfront position.

Motorino XMr is built with 72V/20 Amp-hour battery, state-of-the-art Sine-Wave controller with our proprietary CCT drive train and 12” more efficient hub motor.

You can travel up-to 60km distance on a single charge of the XMr battery.

Better yet, the motor is not even warm after climbing a long and steep hill.

The most significant feature of Motorino XMr is its drive train.

The 12” motor and the matching CCT Sine-Wave controller were selected to provide an incredible torque for its 500W motor - 127 Newton/meters - higher than a 50CC gas scooter.

The suspension system is the another significant feature. This is the first bike with motorcycle grade, full-size inverted front suspension and a mono-shock on the rear, providing the softest ride compared to all other scooters.

Motorino XMr features 12” tubeless DOT approved motorcycle grade tires; 12V plug for inflating the tires with a portable compressor or charging a cell phone; a digital dash, running lights, LED head light, break light, turn signals, mirrors and horn.

Security features of the XMr include a lockable steering wheel and vibration-sensitive alarm.

When the alarm is activated, the rear wheel locks electronically.

The XMr has ergonomically positioned foot rests for the rider and a passenger.

When you buy an e-bike you look for power, comfort and look.

Those are the three main features that set apart Motorino XMr from other electric scooters:

  • The drive train provides a torque to conquer mountains with minimal electrical losses.
  • The front and rear suspensions provide a cushion that provide smooth ride even across potholes.
  • The sporty look of the bike turns heads and by-standers will be surprised by the silent zoom.

In terms of safety the regenerative brake of Motorino XMr is smooth and prevent wheels from locking, even on wet roads, while the 12” motor provides better efficiency and returns more energy in the battery.

The 220mm brake disk and the brake pads are also larger than other hydraulic brakes, contributing to more braking power.

The brake disk and the brake pads are also larger than other hydraulic brakes, contributing to the higher brking power.

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