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Most electric bicycle makers seem to start with a generic bicycle frame and just tack-on the electric components, while many others are designed as “electric-first” with little apparent regard for the quality of the human-powered riding experience. Far rarer, however, are e-bicycles like the Motorino LTi: built from the ground-up to be a true human-electric hybrid bicycle providing the best of both worlds. LTi is the dream electric bicycle for those desiring not only the looks and pedaling performance of a high-end non-electric bike but also ample power when they need it.

The Motorino LTi features a high speed 500W continuous and 1200W peak power motor providing whooping 80NM torque through the built-in speed/torque converter. In terms of performance these bikes are far more powerful than any other 500W rated bikes. They are capable to make handling the steepest climbs a breeze. The quick starting torque allows you to accelerate faster than a gas scooter from a still stand without the need of gearing up your mechanical gears. This makes the bike capable to accelerate faster than a motorcycle even on steep roads.

The Motorino LTi have two control modes: “power-assist” provides five user-selectable levels of assistance that are automatically engaged when the rider pedals, or there is “power on demand” delivered proportionally with a twist of the throttle-grip.

The low-profile appearance of the oversized-tube all-aluminum frame is enabled by the long, slim battery pack that is neatly concealed in the down-tube. With the highest “energy density” currently available, the surprisingly light and small 48V 12 Amp-hour Panasonic cell Lithium-Ion pack can power a 30km range in regular city riding, without any pedaling. The high pack capacity of 12 Amp-hours combined with the higher voltage translates into more total energy storage and therefore more range: over 30 km on electric power alone is possible, more than 80km with moderate pedaling.

It also features:

  • Shimano 7-speed hyper glide drive-train with Shimano Tourney derailleur and trigger-shift shifter,
  • 180mm Tektro Auriga hydraulic front and rear disk brakes,
  • Adjustable ZOOM FORGO front suspension
  • 26" double-walled ALEX alloy rim with stainless-steel spokes
  • 26" Schwalbe Marathon Plus 2.10" tires
  • Three-button control pod with:
    • Backlit LCD Display with indicators for speed
    • Trip distance
    • Odometer
    • Battery voltage
    • Power assist level
    • Headlight
    • Clock

The most prominent feature of these bikes is the frame itself accommodating the battery in the down tube and evenly distributing the weight between the two heaviest parts of the bike – motor and battery.

Like all Motorino e-bicycles, the LTi is built to meet European Union EN 15194 safety requirements.

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