Motorino CTe

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The comfort of riding the Motorino CTe and CTf makes them makes them suitable both for urban commuting and personal use.

It is a replica of the American classic cruiser bikes known for balloon tires, an upright riding posture, and broad cruiser handlebars. Those same features that create its unique aesthetic also make the cruiser an exhausting bike to pedal… but not with this bike!

The Motorino CTe and CTf turn heads not just for the vintage design but for the speed and ease the bikes display through the city and up hills.

Taking the best parts of the American beach cruiser, the Motorino CTe and CTf cruiser bike is built with the latest electric power technology, giving you a reliable and enjoyable ride.

The 48V 500 watt geared motor delivers torque sufficient to conquer the steepest hills.

The 48 Volt 10.5 Amp Hour battery is built with high energy density Samsung cells. It is light and easy to remove for charging off the bike or lock it in place. The battery’s high capacity is sufficient to assist your trip up to 50 km.

The padded spring loaded seat and resting seated position would make every ride joyful. The cruiser style handlebar can be also adjusted to your preferred position.

The balloon Kevlar-lined fat Schwalbe tires add to your comfort and peace of mind.

The bike is equipped with wide LCD computer that lets you select between five levels of motor assistance, disengage the Power-Assist mode and just pedal, or have a 100% control on the motor by the thumb throttle. The LCD bike computer displays speedometer, odometer, assistance level and battery level.

The seven-speed gears are independent of the motor. When properly combined with a certain level of motor assistance, it allows you to pedal at your own leisurely pace regardless of the terrain.

The front and rear disc brakes keep the power at your fingertips and under control.

The rear rack is part of the frame, making it sturdy enough for heavy loads.

The most attractive and distinguishing features of this bike are its look and riding comfort. Since this bike is designed to ride on level ground along the beach, it can be strenuous to pedal, even on the slightest incline.

Fortunately, the powerful driving system of the CTe and CTf flattens the steepest hills and makes your ride enjoyable on any terrain.

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