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The first time you look at this bike, your reaction probably will be: “This is electric??... No way!!!” The Motorino XMb looks like a motorbike used as a prop in the Indiana Jones movies or like a WW II combat bike. And when you knock on its gas tank, you understand that the XMb is not an illusion.

The Motorino XMb gives you all of the fun of riding a real motorcycle. It will turn heads when you are on the road. Bystanders will be surprised not only by its quiet operation and lack of smoke, but by its quick acceleration typically not expected in old time motorcycles.

It is built with a 72V/20 Amp­hour battery, state­of­the­art Sine­Wave controller with our proprietary CCT drivetrain, and 12” hub motor more efficient than others. You can travel up to 60km distance on a single charge of its battery and its range can be increased to 80km with a 25AH Lithium battery. The most significant feature of the Motorino XMb is its look, but the power of the drivetrain is no less impressive.

The 12” motor and matching CCT Sine­Wave controller were selected to provide an incredible torque for its 500W motor ­ 127 Newton/meters ­ higher than any 50CC gas scooter. That combination makes this bike extremely powerful when riding uphill and also provides quick acceleration.

The Motorino XMb is built on a robust motorcycle chassis that delivers a solid, stable, and comfortable ride. The front protection bar offers even more solidity and safety. It has full size front suspension providing a soft and stable ride. The XMb seat is longer than most Motorino models and has a conveniently positioned foot rest that is very comfortable for two people. It features 12” tubeless DOT approved motorcycle grade tires. Its hydraulic disk brakes have oversized disks, so along with its 4” wide tires, braking is very efficient even in wet conditions. The retro looking dashboard doesn’t lack any features of contemporary motorcycle’s one. When you buy an e­bike you look for power, riding comfort and look.Those are the three main features that set the Motorino XMb apart from the other brand electric scooters. The drive train provides a torque to conquer mountains with minimal electrical losses because of XMb’s more efficient 12” motor.

As another best­selling Motorino, the XMb gets away very well with fewer plastic parts, making the bike more durable than other bikes. The Sine­Wave controller provides very smooth regenerative braking preventing the wheels from locking. It also contributes to more efficient regenerations and thanks to the 12” motor more energy is recuperated back in the battery.

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