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If you are a casual bike rider, take a ride on the Motorino MTf. You will surprise all the spandex wearing bikers on the road by how easily you surpass them! Not only does the Motorino MTf conceal its battery making it look like a typical folding bike, it also boasts a powerful drive train that can more than double your speed and effortlessly conquer the steepest roads.

Its 80psi high pressure road tires provide a stunningly efficient ride. This is the case especially when these tires are combined with the lightest foldable bike in the e-bike industry. The Motorino MTf weighs a mere 15kg (32lb). It can be folded in seconds, easily stored in a car trunk or carried on public transit. In fact the small size tires and the light weight of this bike mean that steep hills can be confidently overcome even without the help of the motor.

The five levels of assistance provide an automatic start to your ride, giving you the right amount of power for your needs. The MTf also features a proportional throttle allowing you finely-grained control over the power of the bike. When combined with the five Shimano mechanical gears and the powerful motor this level of control over your ride means you only pedal exactly as much as you desire.

The concealed battery is locked inside the frame. It can be charged from within the frame or removed to be charged as your needs require. This lightweight battery is a mere 3 lb. Despite this weight, this battery packs a punch. It is a high density Panasonic lithium battery, capable of an impressive range of 50 km. We also offer a higher capacity battery that will add an additional 20 km to your range as an optional upgrade.

The Motorino MTf comes equipped with an external USB port so that you can easily charge your cell phone on the go. The handlebar and seat have been designed to be adjustable for all heights, making the Motorino MTf the perfect casual electric bike for all users.

Motorino MTf comes with optional traveler’s case and is light enough to carry. Its long seat post and adjustable length of the handlebar makes it suitable for people even over six feet tall. The smaller size tires and it’s light weight make it easy to pedal uphill even without the help of the motor. If you need to ride long distance the battery is small and light enough to carry one or two extra, each of them capable to power your ride for another 70km.  This makes this bike excellent companionship if you are on a cruise trip, travel abroad, on RV trip or have it inside your boat as a land cruiser.

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