3000W Off-Road Conversion Kit

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The power and the speed offered by this conversion kit exceeds the road restrictions for electric bikes. It should only be used off-road or on private property.

The kit consists of a 3000W direct drive motor, a 60A controller and a 72V 30AH Lithium-ion battery. Since such a powerful combination cannot be mounted on a regular bike with a regular frame and brakes, this conversion kit comes with a steel frame with a full size inverted triple crown magnesium alloy suspension that has 200mm drop available. The frame also has a steel rear fork and 220mm hydraulic disk brakes.

Once assembled this bike can achieve 180 NM torque: sufficient to climb the steepest off-road trails.

This frame is strong enough for trails but when fully assembled the complete weight will exceed 100 lb and therefore cannot be used as a downhill bike.

The fully charged battery can provide a range between 30 km and 120 km depending on the road conditions and the riding style. The most efficient speed that will yield the biggest range for this bike is between 30 and 40 km/h. When used at its max speed the range can drop more than three times, especially when used on hilly terrain.

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