Super Soco TS

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Classified as Limited Speed Motorcycle (LSM) in Canada with max speed of 65km/h

Regular Car driver’s license, registration and insurance is required.

Same road regulations apply for it as for 49CC motorcycles.



Super Soco TS is built on the same chassis as the Motorino XMl e-bike but the motor power rate is higher and the controller supports higher current. This bike has already made it to the European market under the Super Soco brand regulated to 45km/h max speed.

As soon as you see this bike you will immediately assume that it is manufactured by a famous motorcycle manufacturer with extensive experience in design and production. You would be right. This bike is a collaborative project with the likes of BOSCH, PANASONIC and other European companies contributing not only to its immaculate design and outstanding performance, but to its rigidity and durability as well.


Super Soco TS is built with 60V/26AH Panasonic high energy density lithium battery cells, the same batteries used in Tesla cars. Each single battery cell is equipped with individual protection which bypasses the cell in case of failure compared to cluster controlled battery assembly. The battery is encased in an elegant and strong aircraft-grade aluminum shell. The battery compartment can receive two sets of batteries that will double the range of the vehicle. A single battery can power the bike for 55 km on ECO mode (45km/h speed) and up to 40km at full speed (70km/h). The batteries are also removable and can be charged on or off the bike. The Battery Management System (BMS) uses a sophisticated algorithm that dynamically calculates the State of Charge (SoC) and displays this on the dashboard in the form of remaining riding distance available.


The 12” BOSCH motor rotor is in the rear cast aluminum wheel itself and it has been developed as precisely as a Swiss watch. The rated power of the motor is 1500 watts but it can effortlessly support a peak power of 3000 watts (equivalent to four horsepower) when accelerating or powering up steep inclines. At top speed the motor is reduced to 800W to conserve power and prevent overheating. Within its speed ban, the motor applies full power exactly when demanded. Torque is the most important performance specification of a bike and Super Soco TS boasts over 130NM of torque at 45km/h.


The heart of the bike--the controller--is encased in a one piece ribbed die-cast aluminum box for exceptional heat dissipation. It is mounted on the front of the bike for more efficient cooling although its oversized current ratings would allow it to stay cool even during long uphill rides. It is a Field Oriented Controller (FOC) which has a vector control algorithm that maintains efficiency in a wide range of speeds. This controller also dynamically takes into consideration torque changes according to the road conditions. Finally, it is equipped with a dedicated processor which monitors all electronic components ensuring a safe and efficient ride for you.


The quality of the mechanical parts of Super Soco TS is no less impressive than the quality of the electrical components. The unique mechanical construction starts from the chassis that is designed on the basis of the split frame concept of a racing motorcycle. This allows both a robust and light construction. The front end is robot-welded carbon steel that is then painted by electrophoresis. This only weighs 6kg. The rear half of the frame is robot-welded aluminum alloy argon and subjected to T6 heat processing to the strength of 240MPa. This means the bike is strong enough to carry a load of up to 150kg (330lb).


Along with its impressive rigidity, Super Soco TS also comes with the comfort of exceptional suspension. The bike is supported by inverted 700mm long and 35mm wide motorcycle grade front shock absorbers. With 200mm travel distance strong torsion resistance, and an aggressively positioned angle, it provides a comfortable ride even on rough terrain. The rear hydraulic and adjustable monoshock adds to the incredible comfort of Super Soco TS.

BRAKES and SAFETY features

Super Soco TS is equipped with a massive 220mm disk hydraulic double piston front brake with oversized floating callipers. Since on any bike the front brakes absorb 80% of the pressure of braking, this brake will more than handle any situation you are in. On the real wheel, a 180mm hydraulic disk brake is installed. Waterproofed switches on the rear and front brake levers activate the regenerative motor brakes thereby recuperating the kinetic energy and returning it to the battery. The smooth regenerative braking is always applied prior to the mechanical braking, thus acting as an Anti Block System (ABS). The battery management algorithm also ensures that the maximum amount of converted electric power is utilized.


Six LED modules are incorporated in the polycarbonate high/low beam headlight enclosure. These provide brighter and wider illumination than an equivalent halogen headlight. On high beam mode, over 8000 lumens are concentrated in a 35 degree beam. Thirty independent LEDs support the wide-angle daylight running light. The rear running and brake LEDs are wrapped around the rear end providing 270 degree visibility. The front and rear LED turn signals are 40cm apart from each other that make this bike compliant as motorcycle


An extra wide and bright dashboard displays the current speed, error codes, total mileage, controller temperature, real time current output, the state of the battery charge, estimated distance per charge, trip distance, ambient temperature and  the current time. All of this data can be displayed on a smartphone screen when the application is available. Three electronic gear switches, a hi/low beam headlight switch and a motor kill switch are ergonomically positioned on the right-side handle bar.


Super Soco TS has mechanical and electronic theft protection devices. The steering wheel lock prevents the handlebars from moving and the electronic keyless starting system makes it almost impossible to start the bike if you don’t have the remote ignition fob. The motor automatically locks-up if the remote control is not nearby.

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