Motorino is a Canadian-registered brand of electric motorcycles, bicycles, and scooters, first introduced to the Canadian market in 2003 by Greenwit Technologies.  With over 10 years of constant development and improvement, Motorino e-cycles have evolved into a very reliable and practical means of transportation and built a reputation for superior design, performance, quality, and customer support along the way.

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Based in Vancouver, BC, Motorino TM has built facilities for the development and extensive testing of electric motors, batteries, and controllers. This enables us to select the best components and configurations for each category of electric cycle. As a result of our research and development, our industry-leading CCT electric drive train was introduced in 2008. The improved efficiency of this system made higher motor torque possible while still remaining within the government regulations for continuous power and, as a result, has allowed Motorino electric scooters and bikes to become the primary transportation for many customers. Their reputation for reliability and performance has also opened an opportunity for commercial use by corporations and institutions committed to sustainability.

All Motorino electric scooters and motorcycles are built to Greenwit requirements by OEM factories already well-established as reputable gasoline motorcycle producers. All the materials such as steel, ABS, PA, copper, lead, nylon, etc. must meet required standards and many are imported from Japan and Europe. The quality of components must also exceed standards for durability and reliability; components undergo destructive and in-production testing in order to be approved. 

All Motorino electric bicycles are built to meet European Union EN 15194 safety requirements. Most of them are based on designs by European manufacturers and comply with European quality requirements although many Motorino electric bicycles are upgraded, higher-power versions that maximize performance under North American regulations.

CCT™ Drive System

Introduced in 2008 after two years of intensive research and development and now standard on all MOTORINO™ XP- and XM-series scooters, the MOTORINO™ CT™ (Continuous Current Transmission) drive system makes our 500W electric scooters competitive with the torque and hill-climbing ability of 50CC gasoline motor scooters.  The CCT™ system can outperform any regular brushless or geared motor of up to 50% higher rated consumption and offers over 60% more starting torque than a conventional 500W BLDC (“Brush-Less DC”, as three-phase AC motor with DC-AC inverter-controller systems are most commonly referred to) motor and controller system. Read more…

MOTORINO™ Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)

All current MOTORINO™ XP and GT series bikes come equipped with high-perfor¬mance, self-adjusting front and rear hydraulic disc brakes with anti-lock braking (ABS) pressure dampers. ABS can help a rider maintain control under hard braking by preventing a skid caused by wheel lock-up and, especially, thereby allowing the front wheel to maintain steering action. It is helpful in virtually all conditions but especially on slippery surfaces. Read more…