As we embark on 2023, we are introducing some exciting changes to the company and its product offerings. We will be adding new models to our existing line of bikes to offer electric motorcycles for every rider need, including urban and highway, off-road, adventure and leisure bikes.

We are aligning our offerings in line with new and emerging road and safety regulations to bring our customers industry leading models from Europe and Asia. Our intent is to make electric motorcycles accessible to everyone. Most importantly, most of our electric motorcycles do not require any special motorcycle license as gas counterparts, making electric accessible for all. As we refine our offerings, we will no longer offer e-scooters and ebikes and will focus exclusively on the leading brands from Super Soco, Horwin and Tinbot. You can check out our current inventory on our product page.

As we bring in these changes, we are changing our look and sporting a brand new website.

Our New Website is Live

Visit us at JouleMotorcycles.com


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