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At Motorino electric we manufacture distribute and sell a wide range of electric bicycles, electric motorcycles, electric scooters, accessories for electric bikes and motorcycles, batteries, and parts including electric motors, controllers. We also carry all proprietary parts for Motorino bikes and scooters and a wide range of generic parts as tires, batteries that can be used for other brands of electric cycles. We are wholesale vendors for all our dealers and distributors across Canada and USA specialized in electric cycles. We also supply other retailers across Canada and USA with parts and accessories for Motorcycles scooters and e-bikes.

Our electric cycles consist of four categories:

  1. ELECTRIC BICYCLES including e-bikes for daily commuters, trail bikes, off-road bikes, cruiser electric bikes, folding bikes, cargo bikes, fat tire electric bikes super light electric road bikes and special electric bikes. Our Motorino dual motor bikes and super light electric roadster are unique Motorino e-bikes that become one of the most famous e-bikes in the industry.
  2. ELECTRIC MOTORCYCLES that are very practical for daily urban commuting. They are classified as Limited Speed Motorcycles (LSM) with maximum speed of 70 km/h and range up to 160 km on a single charge. They do not require motorcycle driver’s license. They can be used on all Canadian roads including some highways but not legal on the freeways. We at Motorino are exclusive distributors for awarded brand electric motorcycles that have gained extreme popularity in Europe as alternative transportation in cosmopolitan cities in Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium and Netherlands
  3. ELECTRIC SCOOTERS that are the size of a Vespa scooters and have the power of real size scooters but are qualified as bicycles because their speed is restricted to 32 km/h. These Motorino electric scooters are extremely practical because they can be used on all city bike lanes and can be parked on any places where a regular bicycle can be parked. This makes them a perfect means for urban transportation. With the rising gas prices, parking fees, public transport cost and annually increased congestion in the big cities they become a preferable alternative for daily commuting.
  4. OFF-ROAD ELECTRIC MOTORCYCLES are very powerful and fast. They can be used in any road conditions including extreme terrains because of their almost ten horse powers which brings them in the line of 250cc powerful dirt bikes. Their motors provide immediate acceleration comparable to racing internal combustion engine dirt bikes. Their light and rigid frame and the high-end suspensions, brakes and other components makes them very reliable even in extreme conditions.

Professional service

We at Motorino flagship store and shop are equipped with state-of-the-art electric cycles testing repair and R&D equipment. We are not only servicing and repairing the electric bikes, motorcycles and scooters of our customers and dealers, but we are also training our franchisees and dealers. Unfortunately, due to the fragmented market of electric cycles we mostly service Motorino e-bikes, e-scooters and Motorbikes that we sell but we can repair also other brands if they don’t require special parts.

At Motorino we are equipped with battery lab and we can build and rebuild Lithium-Ion battery packs for electric bicycles, scooters and motorcycles.

All electric cycles that we sell are available for free test rides. We at Motorino also rent high end electric motorcycles and scooters. Electric scooter and electric motorcycle rental is a service that is only available at the Motorino flagship shop in Vancouver, BC.

Motorino Electric is constantly on the look-out for useful and trendy bike innovations that make life more comfortable cycling, exciting or just that much more fun. All store products are carefully selected by us and tested to ensure your cycling enjoyment. At our Vancouver bike shop you'll find a very broad range. In our stores you will get certainly also receive personal advice and you can try out products and bicycles.

We believe that electric cycles are the future. The electric motorcycles are already outperforming their gas counterparts. We believe and we are sure that sooner than later the electric motorcycles will not only surpass the performance of the gas motorcycles but they will become also less expensive than them.

Motorino currently have dealers in British Columbia, Ontario and Quebec. With the increased demand for electric transportation we are looking to open dealerships in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Nova Scotia.

Recently imposed duties for the import of electric cycles to USA opens the opportunity for US retailer to purchase a high end electric motorcycles, e-bikes and scooters from Motorino too.


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