Warranty and Return Policy

1. WARRANTY – electric motorcycles

1.1 This Warranty policy covers all electric motorcycles supplied by Greenwit Technologies Inc.

1.2 Limited warranty period for parts is as follows:

CLASS A: Normal Wear & Tear Parts are not covered by the Warranty except those found broken at unpacking and immediately reported to Greenwit. The following parts are included in this class: (1) brake pad; (2) fuse; (3) standard parts; (4) bulb; (5) light cover; (6) footpad; (7) left handlebar grip; (8) inner tube; (9) plastic parts; (10) rubber parts.

CLASS B: Parts with warranty period of 1 year or 10,000KM whichever occurs first. The following parts are included in this class: (1) Front and rear shock absorber; (2) seat; (3) rear mirror; (4) wiring; (5) front & rear light; (6) turning light; (7) horn; (8) flasher; (9) accelerator/throttle; (10)switches; (11) locks; (12) bearings;(13)controller; (14) converter; (15) ignition; (16) ICM; (17) relay; (18)speedometer; (19) charger.

CLASS C: Parts with warranty period of  2 years or 20,000km whichever occurs first. Included part: Motor.
2. Warranty on Lithium-Ion Battery

Warranty time If the battery cannot be repaired, during the first 3 months it will be replaced for no charge. For up to 24 months the cost of replacement battery will be prorated.
Warranty range ≤ 10000 KM
Conditions of battery warranty 1. The charger used must only be the original one supplied for that specific model bike.
2. The bike must be used and maintained in accordance with the user’s manual and all relevant service instructions of Greenwit.
3. The bike must be charged at least every 2 months if not used (and including when in storage with distributor/dealer)

2. Non-Warranty Conditions

The limited warranty does NOT cover the following:

2.1 If the bike falls outside of the period or distances outlined above for that specific part.

2.2 Malfunction caused by misuse by the user which does not comply with the user manual or Greenwit’s technical instruction. For example: bike has been involved in a crash/bike has fallen down/been overload/ridden over recommended speed.

2.3 The bike is used for commercial or rental purposes.

2.4 Damage to parts from chemicals/abrasives/scratches or from extraordinary factors or natural disasters such as: earthquake, typhoon, fire, tsunami, flood, terrorist attack.

2.5 An abnormal problem which does not affect normal use. For example: occasional vibration.

2.6 The bike has been adapted, modified or tampered with in any way from its factory standard.

2.7 Improper charge/discharge of the battery or long storage of the battery/products without proper maintenance, or any other way of usage which doesn’t comply with the user’s manual or other  instructions which causes the quick drop of the battery’s charge or other failure.

2.8 Damage caused by logistics or freight companies shall not be claimed under warranty and will be dealt directly with the forwarder by the distributor itself.

2.9 Damage which was caused by using non-standard parts.
For example: fixing a rear box which interferes with the function of the rear shock absorber.

2.10 Warranty claims do not match the actual MODEL, VIN NO., SERIAL NO or motor number of the supplied products.


Return policy

  1. The purchased product can be returned within seven days from the date of receiving, providing that it is in its original shape and package; accompanied with the original proof of sale and not ridden for more than 20km.  5% restocking fee applies to all refunds. Additional fee of $2 per km applies if the odometer shows more than 20km; shipping charges are not refunded. Exceptions: Motorcycles cannot be returned once registered and/or applied for rebate (where applicable). 
  2. Items being returned because of damage in transit, incorrect item sent, or are faulty, will have the return shipping costs reimbursed to the customer. Please inform us in such cases as soon as you notice a discrepancy or damaged product.
  3. If the product has been purchased on promotion and other items have been delivered, the customer must return all such items as well or their cost will be deducted from the refund.
  4. The products on clearance sale cannot be exchanged or returned. 

Warranty Limitations

The duration of any implied warranty or condition, of merchantability for a particular purpose, or otherwise, on this product shall be limited to the duration of the express warranty set forth above. In no event shall Motorino or Greenwit be liable for any loss, inconvenience or damage, whether direct, incidental, consequential or otherwise, resulting from breach of any express or implied warranty or condition, of merchantability for a particular purpose, or otherwise with respect to this product, except as set for herein. Some provinces or countries do not allow limitation on how long an implied warranty lasts and some do not allow exclusions or limitations of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitations or exclusions may not apply to you. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights, which may vary, from location to location. This warranty will be interpreted pursuant to the laws of Canada. The original English language version/meaning of this warranty controls over all translations and Greenwit is not responsible for any errors in translation of this warranty or any product instructions. This warranty is not intended to confer any additional legal, jurisdictional or warranty rights to you other that those set forth herein on required by law. If any portion of this warranty is held to be invalid or unenforceable for any reason, such finding will not invalidate any other provision. For products purchased in countries other than Canada please contact Motorino authorized distributor in that respective country.

Warranties are handled by the specific dealership where the bike purchase is initiated. 

This warranty is held with the original owner and is not transferrable from the original purchaser to any subsequent buyer(s).

Risks Inherent to Operations

Operating a Light Electric vehicle (LEV) involves risks and dangers that may cause serious bodily injury. These risks and dangers also include but are not limited to paralysis, disability, dismemberment, and death. Theses inherent risks may be the result of purchaser’s own actions or non-actions involving themselves, others, or specific circumstances of the activity occurring, or the neglect or negligence of themselves and or others. There may be other risks known or unknown to Purchaser. Purchaser assumes all risks and fully assumes and accepts responsibility for events that may not be foreseeable including economic loss, social distress, losses, costs, and damages caused because of person’s vehicle riding activities.

Purchaser Responsibility

Purchaser understands the nature of riding LEV and acknowledges that he or she is qualified to operate a LEV as purchased from Greenwit. Person understands that they must abide by provincial or state laws and be in proper physical condition to ride a Motorino scooter. Purchaser is also responsible to inspect the motor vehicle before using it to make sure that the motor vehicle is safe to use and in riding order.

Towing Charges

All towing charges incurred are the responsibility of the customer.