Caofen is the first enduro electric dirt bike that introduced a solution for durability of its battery. As you are aware, the battery of the dirt bike is the one subjected to the highest abuse because of the high-power demand. This generates heat which is the slow killer of the Lithium batteries. Caofen implemented high discharge rate batteries, but also submerged them in dielectric fluid that constantly cools them. Another advantage are two safety features usually available for high end motorcycles. There is an electronic ABS brake system that can be engaged and disengaged by a switch. The same applies for the regenerative braking system. And that’s not all. With its 72V/48AH battery this bike is capable to a range of  up to 200km.

Q: Why Caofen F80L is better than Surron LBx?
A: Bigger battery, more powerful motor, motorcycle grade front, rear suspension and brakes plus ABS, while sur-ron uses bicycle parts.