Good News for British Columbians!

All Motorino electric motorcycles are now eligible for the BC rebate of 35% of their retail value up to $2,000. Check pluginbc.ca/suvi.

The Motorino Motorcycles are classified as Limited Speed Motorcycles (LSM) and a regular car driver’s license, registration and insurance is required to operate them. The maximum allowed by regulations speed is 70 km/h. Same regulation apply for most Canadian provinces as 50CC gas powered motorcycles.

The MOTORINO™ brand of electric motorcycles is the next level bikes category. They are a revolutionary elevation of the Motorino line based on our 15 years experience of constant improvement of our cycles. Although Motorino LSM are classified under the same category as 50CC gas powered motorcycles, they exceed their performance in terms of acceleration and torque. They are safer to ride due to the Electric Antilocking Brake System (EABS) which not only prevents the motor wheel from locking but returns the energy back in the battery.

All MOTORINO™ LSM are equipped with removable hi energy density Lithium-Ion battery that can provide a range over 100 km on a single charge.

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