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The Motorino XPd is a unique scooter that has proved to be one of the best-selling XP models. Having a body and a frame styled after the Honda Ruckus, this rugged scooter does away with most of the body panels allowing the art of the frame to come through. Since its release in 2011 this scooter went to many major upgrades. It has been upgraded to include a four-inch front tire, digital display, under-seat cage, full size rear disk brake, MP3 player, cushioned seat, among other features.

Starting in 2015, all Motorino XPd are equipped with 60V battery and a state-of-the-art Sine-Wave controller. The energy losses with this controller are much lower; it causes less heat generation and offers a longer range without sacrificing the torque.

The Motorino XPd is absolutely quiet and the regenerative brake is smooth. This increases the battery recharge efficiency and protects it from overcharging. Another improvement for 2015 model are the automotive grade LED head-lights which much brighter and more energy-efficient than halogen lights. Starting 2017 Motorino XPd was upgraded to 12” rear motor and programmable controller allowing customers to request riding performance that fits their style or needs.

The XPd comes ready for fun with a built-in Blue Tooth stereo sound system, digital dash, under-seat storage cage, plus all standard XP-Series features including our high performance CCT Drive SystemABS-equipped hydraulic disc brakes front and rear, hydraulic telescopic front suspension, adjustable-preload rear shock absorbers, and alarm system.

The 60V/20 Amp hour battery provides a range of up to 50km on a single charge but with an optional Lithium battery the range can be extended to 70km and the performance improved.

The Motorino XPd has a low profile seat which along with the low positioned battery contributes to its stability and comfort. It comes in flat black or orange. This no-nonsense design is less vulnerable to damage, making it suitable as an everyday runabout or rental bike.

And if you need the ability to transport or carry items, optional side saddlebags can be added or storage rack and rear box can be installed.

Motorino XPd is designed for two people but it comes as cargo version with a single seat and a large rack that can accommodate up to 120L cargo box suitable for food delivery.

The most prominent feature of Motorino XPd which is famous for all Motorino XP and XM series is its performance. Our proprietary CCT electric drive system with the state of the art Sine-Wave controller provides unmatchable acceleration that can compete with 50cc gas scooters not only at the start but on the steepest inclines as well. The drive system work more efficiently and can handle up-to 24% steep hills without being overheated.

And because in terms of safety when riding downhill the safely is more important than any uphill performance here are coming our regenerative magnetic and high end hydraulic disk brakes which are a standard for every single Motorino scooter type bike. The regenerative brakes are smooth preventing skidding even on wet road and the hydraulic brakes are equipped with ABS pressure valve regulator.

Security features of XPd include lockable steering wheel, lockable ignition and vibration sensitive alarm. A brake lock can be added and a GPS tracker can be installed for extra security.

Like all Motorino scooters, the Motorino XPd is built on Motorcycle platform with high-quality motorcycle components.

Professional testing equipment is used in the R&D process for selecting the best performing motor, controller and battery.

You can count on Motorino after-market support with their parts supply and professional service by Motorino trained technicians.

Unique Electric Drive Design

As seen on all MOTORINO™ XP models this scooter is fitted with our unique CCT drive system. This drive system provides three electronic gears allowing selection of high torque, high speed or high range, depending on the riders preference and road conditions, while maintaining a high motor efficiency. Rated at 500W continuous power, our CCT system is capable of providing peak torque comparable to that seen in 50cc gas scooters with zero emissions and all the advantages of a Motor Assisted Cycle (MAC) classification (no license, no insurance, free parking).

Hydraulic Brakes with ABS

The dual hydraulic disk brakes are equipped with an Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) which ensures safe and effective braking.

ABS is a very important feature for scooters as it greatly reduces the possibility of brake lock up and therefore provides the rider a better chance of steering out of trouble.

Battery and regeneration

As with all MOTORINO™ XP models, the scooter also features regenerative braking; this takes energy normally wasted during braking and turns it into usable energy which is returned to the battery pack, extending your driving rang and increasing the efficiency of your MOTORINO™. Regenerative braking not only provides energy to the battery, it also extends the life of your brake pads to almost double that seen on typical gas scooters.

Drive System


  • MOTORINO CCT 500W 72V high-torque three-phase AC permanent-magnet brushless

Motor Controller

  • MOTORINO CCT microprocessor-controlled Sine-Wave controller with regenerative braking

Max Torque

  • 110 Nm

Power System

Standard Battery Pack

  • 72V 20A-h sealed lead-acid (VRSLA)

Power System Protection

  • 60A resettable circuit breaker, low-voltage cut-out (by controller), LiFePO4-only: internal over and under voltage cut-out

Standard Charger

  • SLA, 72V 3A Automatic Charger, 120VAC input ~8-hour charge time

12V Subsystem Converter

  • DC/DC 72V<12V 10A (powers all lighting and accessory outlet)

User-removable Battery

  • No

12V Outlet

  • standard automotive lighter socket

USB Charging Port

  • Yes


  • Installed with remote control and Bluetooth with built-in speakers

Running Gear

Mechanical Brakes

  • front and rear hydraulic disk brakes with ABS (Anti-Lock Braking system)

Electric Brakes

  • regenerative, acting on rear wheel (via hub motor), triggered by front or rear brake actuation

Front Suspension

  • full size direct-acting twin internal spring/hydraulic shock

Rear Suspension

  • trailing arm twin adjustable-preload coil-over spring/hydraulic shocks

Front Wheel

  • 3.5×12” cast alloy

Front Tire

  • 120/70-12” tubeless motorcycle grade DOT-spec

Rear Wheel

  • 2.15×10” steel rim with integral motor, alloy side plates

Rear Tire

  • 3.5×10” tubeless motorcycle grade DOT-spec

Body & Chassis


  • Motorcycle-grade high-tensile steel frame


  • ABS composite, epoxy paint


  • Platform type, removable cranks


  • Padded, double place, 74cm (29”) above ground


  • Digital Speedometer/Odometer, Volt Gauge, Turn Signal/High Beam Indicators

Safety Equipment

  • Dual rear-view mirrors, horn, dual high/low beam Automotive LED headlights with running light, front and rear turn signals, tail light, brake light


  • Built-in vibration sensitive alarm system with two remote controls, steering Lock, under-seat compartment lock


Top Speed

  • 32km/h (governed as per vehicle class regulation)

Range (SLA Battery Pack)

  • up to 60km**

Climbing Ability

  • LoadIncline [%]

Weight (Without Battery Pack)

  • 75kg (165lb)

Battery Pack Weight

  • 41kg (90lb)


  • 140cm (55”)

Seat height

  • 74cm (29”)

Overall Length

  • 190cm (75”)

Maximum Payload Capacity, Including Rider(s)

  • 135 kg (300 lb)


Included Accessories

  • Charger
  • Blue tooth receiver / MP3 player

Optional Accessories

  • GPS tracker
  • Chain lock
  • Saddlebags
  • Helmet
  • Goggles
  • Windshield
  • Rain cover
  • Cup holder
  • Rear rack
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