This is welcome news for Vancouverites, who this year made almost half of their trips by foot, transit or bike. The recent figures suggest a stride in the right direction, setting the city on path to meet its 2040 goal of reducing car trips to one third of overall commutes.

The report outlined a five-year plan to expand bike infrastructure along Commercial Drive, West 10th Avenue, and Cypress Street. It also has not ruled out the possibility of separated bike lanes across Commercial and Main Street.

This is also great news for us here at Motorino Electric. With improved cycling infrastructure across Vancouver, the city has become even more accommodating towards people using alternative forms of transportation like electric scooters and bikes.

Motorino Electric scooters and bicycles make excellent use of Vancouver’s bike lanes, and each additional bike lane is another reason to ride a Motorino. We are proud to offer a viable alternative to gas-powered transportation. Our products combine the freedom a bicycle provides with the comfort of a motorized vehicle.

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