Motorino MTgX2 is the ultimate two-wheel drive electric bike capable of pulling you out from the toughest road conditions or push you up on the steepest off-road trails. It has two electric motors integrated in the front and rear hub. Each motor is independently controlled by its own controller according to traction conditions of each wheel. As a real ATV, the bike can be switched to a single wheel drive and save battery or switched to all wheel drive if need be. The all wheel drive also has two options – low and high providing a low-speed high torque if you are stuck in snow, sand or mud or high torque with quick acceleration and high speed if you are on a hilly terrain.

The 5mm high tires knobs ensure a grip almost like a tractor tire and the 4-inch width provides excellent traction. If the bike is used on pavement or hard surface the tires can be inflated to 40PSI which will reduce their traction surface and make this bike as efficient as any road bike. The extra-large and wide tires also double as the Motorino MTg’s suspension, providing soft ride without traditional shocks. If extra traction is required the tire pressure can be reduced to 10psi for snow or sand riding.

The Motorino MTgX2 is equipped with two 350W 48V high torque motors which combine performance is much better than one 700W since the acceleration momentum of smaller motors is much faster than one bigger. Once the bike is fully accelerated it can be switched to a single motor as the torque to maintain the achieved speed will be negligible. This increases the range by 50%. When both motors are engaged at full power the bike can be started from a standpoint without the need of shifting to low gear. This way you can accelerate faster than cars and motorcycles.

Another advantage of the dual motor is the lower power consumption since the motors support each other and quickly reach the maximum efficiency. This is possible due to the two controllers individually powering each motor. Each controller provides as much power to each wheel as necessary. This minimizes the losses and allows this bike to have the same range with the same battery as a 500W single motorbike while making it more responsive.

The battery is integrated into the downtube and this helps for the even distribution of the weight between the two heaviest components on the bike – battery and motor. The 10.5A capacity is sufficient for a 100km ride but can be also upgraded up to 17AH which extend the range beyond 150km. The battery is easily removable and can be swapped for three seconds. The discharge rate is exceptionally high which allow it to deliver all the power required on the most demanding inclines.

The Motorino MTg also reliably gives you speed and power from nine levels of power assistance – each one 10% more than the previous – by selecting them with a push of a button. If the uphill assistance is insufficient, it can always be overridden by the throttle. A full-screen LCD bike computer displays the speedometer, odometer, chronometer, assistance level and battery level. Front and rear hydraulic disc brakes keep this monster under control.

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