VANCOUVER, BC–(Marketwired – August 23, 2016) – Motorino Electric Cycles, Canada’s oldest manufacturer and distributor of electric bikes and scooters, amps up the versatility of electric bikes with the release of its XMb model. Now available at local dealerships, Motorino’s XMb model stands out with a rigid body and powerful electric engine built for off-road recreation and work.

“For the first time in fourteen years, we can offer our customers an electric bike capable of handling rough terrains and trails,” says Steve Miloshev, president and owner of Motorino Electric Cycles. “The Motorino XMb is actually modeled on the classic motorcycles you’ve seen in WWII films but without the loud gas engine.”

The XMb’s rigid frame supports a powerful electric battery positioned low and upfront on the bike, evenly distributing weight and producing a low center of gravity for a reliably smooth ride. Its wheels are 20″ in diameter and tires 4″ in width that can be easily switched to off-road tires, transforming the bike into an all-terrain vehicle at ease on narrow trails. The XMb’s electric motor hums, letting riders navigate the backcountry without disturbing nature, and is strong enough to haul a utility trailer.

“The XMb is a perfect choice for anyone who needs to get around on old logging roads, river banks, or open fields, from campers and fisherman to farmers and construction workers,” says Miloshev. “Hunters will especially appreciate a motor that is quite powered by rechargeable battery.”

The XMb 72V battery runs a powerful 12″ motor that delivers extra torque without draining the battery. “The XMb motor is about 20% more efficient than the 10″ hub motors,” explains Miloshev. Coupled with Motorino’s proprietary CCT sinewave controller, the bike can easily handle hills up to a 25% incline.

The XMb 72V battery lets riders drive a longer distance when compared to the 60V scooters. Riders can expect 60 kilometers in riding distance and can upgrade to a 28AH Lithium Phosphate battery for 80 kilometers.