Motorino continues to offer more choices for today’s LEV consumers with the arrival of its newest electric scooter, XMs. The XMs stands out for its new Sine-Wave drive that is absolutely quiet and has a smoother and more efficient regenerative brake. The XMs provides the unbeatable ability to climb and accelerate up the steepest hills faster than many 50CC gas scooters. Its one pivot seat is supported by a mono shock to ensure a soft ride on rough terrain. You can count plenty of legroom thanks to a wheelbase longer than the earlier XMa model. The Motorino XMs is equipped with an ABS hydraulic brake system on front and rear wheels, 60V battery, CCT motor, Sine Wave controller, and a frame lighter than many other XP models. Both 4” wide tires provide excellent traction. The XMs come in blue, green, and yellow. Visit your closest Motorino dealer to test drive one.